Individual Psychotherapy

The Psychotherapy Process

Psychotherapy is a path defined by both therapist and client. Each individual client brings his or her resources, strengths, weaknesses, problems, hopes, and expectations to therapy as well as their unique idiom, their way of expressing themselves.

Psychological Change

  • Takes time and requires patience
  • Involves learning and integrating new coping strategies
  • Means changing longstanding patterns of behavior
  • Helps you become more accepting and less judgmental of yourself

What To Expect

Successful psychotherapy depends on the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. I will typically conduct an informal evaluation that lasts between two and four sessions. During this time, we will have a chance to get to know each other. I will develop an initial understanding of your concerns and how I can best help you. You will have the chance to assess whether or not I am the person with whom you would like to work. After these initial sessions, I will provide you with feedback and together we will develop a therapeutic focus.

How Long Will Psychotherapy Last?

The phrase "two steps forward and one step" back captures the uneven path of this learning process. While one can often experience a reduction in symptomatic distress after a handful of sessions, most psychological problems don’t get resolved in a couple of sessions. Depending on one’s presenting problems, personal history and individualized goals, therapy can last from a couple of months to several years.

I will usually meet with individuals once a week for a forty–five–minute session. When there is a need and interest, therapy can occur more frequently.


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