Dream Groups

Dreams cloak the waking world with mystery, fear and excitement. They take one beyond the limits of the rational mind yet provide guidance to daily life. Dreams need attention for their imaginative richness and practical utility to be experienced and realized in waking consciousness.

The dream group utilizes multiple approaches to understanding dreams, including the work of Freud, Jung, and Montagu Ullman’s work with groups, as well as Stephen Eizenstat’s “Dream Tending.” It utilizes both verbal and non-verbal expressive means as a way to access and represent the complex structure of dreams.

The exploration of dreams in a group setting can deepen one’s understanding of dream-life and also strengthen connections to others. The dream group provides a creative space where the dreamer can express parts of the self that are typically kept private and connect to others at emotional levels that are often not experienced in conventional social interactions. The group enriches an individual’s experience by adding their associations and reactions to the dream. This process links individual themes with group concerns, anxieties, and hopes and creates the possibility of a shared dream experience.

Weekly Dream Group

Day: Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Fee: $50 per session

The weekly dream group is an ongoing group limited to eight members. It is open to adults who are interested in dreams and see the value in using dreams as a means of self-exploration. Individuals who are interested in this group can call Dr. Brooks to set up an initial consultation.

Monthly Cultural Dreaming Group

Day: 2nd Saturday of the Month
Time: 2:30-5pm
Fee: $25

While our dreams hold deep personal meaning for the individual, they also embody social meanings. We tend to keep our dreams private and view them as reflective of personal difficulties. This way of looking at dreams tends to alienate the individual from others and miss the commonality of our fears, insecurities, hopes and desires. Cultural dreaming i.e. the sharing and exploration of the meanings of dreams in a group setting is a method of using dreams that can enhance creativity and collaboration among individuals, as well as deepen one’s understanding of dream-life.

The group will be didactic and experiential. Participants will be presented with a brief overview of cultural dreaming followed by an experiential process of cultural dreaming. To reserve a place in this group, call Dr. Brooks.

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Dream Groups


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