Connected Dreaming

Dreams cloak the waking world with mystery, fear and excitement. They take one beyond the limits of the rational mind yet provide guidance to daily life. Dreams need attention for their imaginative richness and practical utility to be experienced and realized in waking consciousness.

Connected Dreaming is a way for individuals to come together to share, explore, experience, and play with dreams. It adapts the work of Gordon Lawrence, an English Psychoanalyst, who developed Social Dreaming in England in the 1980’s and Stephen Aizenstat who developed Dream Tending.

Dreams have been part of our history as a species. They offer a vital and underutilized resource for the individual and the culture. They hold the shared anxieties, desires, traumas, and hopes of the culture, reflecting the circumstance of the human condition. This is why the group is an optimal setting to do dream work. Lawrence coined the term Social Dreaming Matrix™ to capture the generative power of deep, collaborative dream work, and to differentiate it from process groups that deal with interpersonal dynamics as well as dream groups that focus on individual dreams.

Through the sharing, associating, and “playing” with dreams, the goal is to shift thinking from the logical and conventional to the imaginal and to decenter the ego from the familiar self-perspective orienting it to the collective. The dream is not only the “royal road” to the unconscious, but is also a bridge connecting individuals to each other.

Monthly Connected Dreaming Group

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Larry Brooks, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
License # PSY 8161

138 N. Brand #300
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