Trusting One’s Mind

I sometimes say to clients and often think to myself that one’s mind is not one’s own. While I consider myself reasonable, thoughtful, and capable of sustained focused activity, the periodic intrusion of obsessive ideas and vindictive phantasies, not to mention the nightly dream world casts my mind as a most intimate, yet seemingly autonomous more »

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The Therapist’s Vulnerability

It is a foundational principle that trust is essential to intimacy and the growing edge in deepening the psychotherapeutic relationship. Most of the focus on trust in the psychotherapy literature has examined the client’s trust of the therapist. Yet, trust is a mutual albeit asymmetrical phenomenon in the psychotherapeutic relationship. Trust is so basic to more »

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Steps Toward An Ecology Of Change

30 years ago I strongly indentified with what was then the prevailing classical psychoanalytic paradigm characterized by a belief in the Oedipus complex as a central psychological organizing event, the tripartite model of mental structure consisting of ego, id, and super-ego, and adherence to the austere treatment etiquette of abstinence, neutrality, and anonymity. For the more »

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Self-Acceptance And Acceptance Of Otherness: An Echo From The Work Of Emanuel Levinas

In the middle of an otherwise super busy November, I ventured off the well-trod path and participated in a 3-week Webinar on the Lithuanian philosopher Emanuel Levinas.  It was hosted by the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and attended by 75 individuals from around the world. Donna Orange who has written extensively about more »

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The Therapist’s Journey

It is a challenging and unique aspect of our profession to have one’s professional identity so intimately linked with one’s personal self. Becoming a therapist is a state of mind, a sensibility, a never-ending process of developing an identity, a solution to a deeply personal problem, as well as learning a body of knowledge, a more »

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