Transforming Negative Self Talk Part 1

Transforming Negative Self Talk Part One: The Problem Negative self-talk also known as self-critical thinking afflicts millions of individuals. It can range in severity from paralyzing vicious attacks on the self to a steady, barely noticeable stream of chatter that deflates self-esteem and dampens motivation.  It can lay dormant within a field of good fortune more »

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The Psychological Dimensions of Economic Uncertainty

The bubble burst. Waking up to this reality is a process. And there is no quick fix.  What burst apart was more than the banking, automobile, and housing industries. A set of cultural beliefs and values lay in the debris of the economic collapse. Reminiscent of 9/11, our “collective illusions of safety, inviolability and grandiose more »

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Psychotherapy as Countertransference

Christopher Bollas (1), an English Psychoanalyst, has made the thought-provoking statement that the ”psychoanalyst’s practice is a form of countertransference.”  He is not referring to the specific reactions of a therapist to a client, but to the heart felt structure of the psychoanalytic situation, the frame, the conditions of practice and the ground rules of more »

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The Therapist’s Journey

It is a challenging and unique aspect of our profession to have one’s professional identity so intimately linked with one’s personal self. Becoming a therapist is a state of mind, a sensibility, a never-ending process of developing an identity, a solution to a deeply personal problem, as well as learning a body of knowledge, a more »

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