Trusting One’s Mind

I sometimes say to clients and often think to myself that one’s mind is not one’s own. While I consider myself reasonable, thoughtful, and capable of sustained focused activity, the periodic intrusion of obsessive ideas and vindictive phantasies, not to mention the nightly dream world casts my mind as a most intimate, yet seemingly autonomous more »

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From Stressed to Zest: Making Something out of Dread

A client who was stuck in a sinkhole of fear, panic, and lethargy looked at me in dismay as he said he wished he could experience more zest in life. I replied that I too wished the same for him and thought if only he could convert the enormous energy powering his worry into zest more »

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The Therapist’s Vulnerability

It is a foundational principle that trust is essential to intimacy and the growing edge in deepening the psychotherapeutic relationship. Most of the focus on trust in the psychotherapy literature has examined the client’s trust of the therapist. Yet, trust is a mutual albeit asymmetrical phenomenon in the psychotherapeutic relationship. Trust is so basic to more »

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The Value of Self-Credit

We are so quick to spend and borrow money. At least we were until the financial bubble burst. Now with little credit available we can turn our attention to the real value of credit in terms of valuing oneself. How often do we stop and think positively about what we have done or our value? How more »

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Your Online Multi-presence Part 3

The price is right…or is it? by Anna Marie Piersimoni With prices that can range from a few hundred dollars to five or six thousand, how can a “newbie’ judge the value and budget for it? Well, try comparing it to a wedding banquet. How much does that cost?It depends on whether you’re serving filet more »

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