Trusting One’s Mind

I sometimes say to clients and often think to myself that one’s mind is not one’s own. While I consider myself reasonable, thoughtful, and capable of sustained focused activity, the periodic intrusion of obsessive ideas and vindictive phantasies, not to mention the nightly dream world casts my mind as a most intimate, yet seemingly autonomous more »

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Have You Ever Wondered

Have you ever wondered about (the Real) The way things are And the way things seem And the difference Where it goes in a moment’s forgetting Or with the lights turned down Or when there are two And a spark That can burn a heart?   Have you ever wondered About the trace it leaves more »

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Dreaming in the 21st Century: Social Dreaming Part two

Said Conrad Cornelius o’Donald o’Dell. “So now I know everything anyone knows. From beginning to end. From the start to the close. Because Z is as far as the alphabet goes.” Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor When I picked up the chalk and drew one letter more! A letter more »

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Shame is a master magician Born of human frailty, Delicate, self-deluded and eagle-proud. Shame casts its dreams over the world Plans each day to be better than the last And by night falls into restless reverie Shaming all with steel-plated perfectionism. The face of shame darkens soft eyes The feet of shame walk in shadows more »

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Dreaming in the 21st Century: Social Dreaming Part One

Who was she who made love to you in your dream, while you slept? Where do the things in dreams go? Do they pass to the dreams of others? And does the father who lives in your dreams die again when you awaken? Pablo Neruda The Book of Questions Dreams have been part of our more »

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