The Lost Art of Reading Feelings: Part Two

I noted in part one that feelings are signals that provide information about the world, not facts. As signals, feelings are more like open-ended questions than absolute signs of what is. The path to emotional literacy involves first recognizing the presence of feelings and then being able to make sense of them, interpret and decode more »

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The Lost Art of Reading Feelings: Part One

It is not unusual when I ask a relatively new client, why do you think you are feeling anxious or depressed, to hear responses like “I don’t know,”  “I’ve been feeling this way a long time,” or “it just comes upon me at certain times of the day without reason.”  With exploration, we are often more »

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Shame & Its Discontents

Shame binds and dictates, blinds and slanders. Shame holds two in a broken embrace. Shame weakens attachments, kills potential, and ends lives. It is the master magician who makes the moment interminable. Shame acts as if it precedes Being which translates into: “I suck therefore I am!” The face of shame hides its eyes from more »

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Self-forgiveness is not a cliche

Recently, two clients weeks asked me the same question in response to my suggestion that they need to forgive themselves.  “How does one forgive oneself?” For a moment I was silenced. I didn’t have an immediate answer. One client remarked that he couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of self-forgiveness;  “It is such a more »

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Transforming Negative Self Talk Part 2

Transforming Negative Self Talk Part Two: The Road to Healthy Self-esteem Changing negative self-talk is not simply a matter of replacing negative statements with positive affirmations.  The psychological work involves altering patterns of thinking and behaving that have been intimately connected to one’s identity. The goal is to learn how to view oneself in a more »

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