Shame is a master magician Born of human frailty, Delicate, self-deluded and eagle-proud. Shame casts its dreams over the world Plans each day to be better than the last And by night falls into restless reverie Shaming all with steel-plated perfectionism. The face of shame darkens soft eyes The feet of shame walk in shadows more »

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Terms of Endearment: Rupture, Empathy, and Repair

On more than one occasion, I have left home after an early morning argument with my wife needing to clothe myself in the comfort of therapeutic garb and do for others what seems so difficult to do for myself: break the “doer/done to” cycle of he said/she said. So I prepared for my first client more »

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Can a Leopard Change its Spots?

Changing personal belief systems, narratives of how one sees the world, is the last thing that most people would think could be beneficial. Individuals have an implicit set of beliefs that organize their perceptions of the world and ground their reality, particularly how they see themselves and others. These beliefs are woven into the fabric more »

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From Stressed to Zest: Making Something out of Dread

A client who was stuck in a sinkhole of fear, panic, and lethargy looked at me in dismay as he said he wished he could experience more zest in life. I replied that I too wished the same for him and thought if only he could convert the enormous energy powering his worry into zest more »

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The Value of Self-Credit

We are so quick to spend and borrow money. At least we were until the financial bubble burst. Now with little credit available we can turn our attention to the real value of credit in terms of valuing oneself. How often do we stop and think positively about what we have done or our value? How more »

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