About Dr. Brooks

On Becoming a Therapist

Becoming a therapist is not like becoming a doctor or a lawyer. It is similar to these professions in that it involves learning a body of knowledge, a set of techniques, and establishing a career, but there is a difference. The challenging and unique aspect of becoming a therapist is that one’s professional identity is intimately linked with one's self. It is a journey, whose curriculum is personal growth and whose learning curve is bound up with one’s creativity and vulnerabilities.

My Journey as a Therapist

When I started on my journey to becoming a psychotherapist, I couldn’t have imagined arriving where I am today. Through a combination of perseverance, curiosity, courage, mindfulness, a bit of luck, and support from many, I have crafted a career that continues to be challenging and gratifying. Through therapy, teaching and writing I have given breadth and meaning to different aspects of my personality. Analogous to the outcome of a good psychotherapy experience, I feel more enlivened and integrated. As a result I have more to give to my clients, students, friends and family.


Larry Brooks, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
License # PSY 8161

138 N. Brand #300
Glendale, CA 91203

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